Matcha Green Tea: Why You Need it in Your Skincare Routine! | Beauty with Susan Yara

I love matcha. It’s great in lattes and it has some amazing beauty benefits because it’s packed with antioxidants. That means it can help reduce the signs of aging and prevent and reduce sun damage. That’s why I rounded up some matcha green tea skincare products you should try, plus an easy DIY matcha face mask you can make at home!

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Faerie Organic Matcha Green Tea Cleanser:
Global Beauty Global Treasures:
Skin Owl Matcha Beauty Bar:
Naturopathica Matcha Brightening Decollete & Hand Cream:

Mixed Makeup:
Susan Yara:

Mixed Makeup:
Susan Yara:


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  1. Jasmine Ramirez says:

    @mixedmakeup show a video of Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing ! please

  2. Joyce McDaniel says:

    Looks like great looking products.

  3. Om Mahdi Alshammiry Q8 says:

    I mex morocan soap with matcha and lather my skin with it in the shower

  4. Susan Yara says:

    You guys—I’m such a matcha addict! 🙈

  5. lanta1010 says:

    Love your earrings. Where are they from? 🙂

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