Maybelline Super Stay Foundation Stick First Impression Review + 10 Hour Wear Test

Trying out the Maybelline Super Stay Multi Use Foundation Stick for the first time – sharing my first impression thoughts and testing how it wears over a 10 hour summer day. If you like these types of reviews, please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe! 🙂

* I got the shade 220 Natural Beige because it was the darkest one available at my CVS. However, I think next time I should look for a darker, more warm toned shade because 220 was a bit too light and pink for me. For reference, I’m about an NC35 or NC40 in MAC.

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  1. Bianca Pearson says:

    just went out and bought this because you recommended it!!

  2. Yuliana Muñiz says:

    I hate cvs lol. I seen that foundation at Walmart and target at 9 dollars and at rite aid at 12 but with the card for discounts it’s 8 dollars .. so definitely will go out and look for it 🙊 your skin looks so flawless.

    • Samantha Vay says:

      Thank you! Yeah, I’m definitely gonna go check Walmart next. I honestly just went to CVS out of convenience lol, I normally don’t go there.

  3. jenf836 says:

    12$ is normal for drug store makeup for the past 3-4 years.

    • jenf836 says:

      Samantha Vay you know all maybelline need is 5 big beauty “gurus” to talk about it and we running to the stores. 😂

    • Samantha Vay says:

      Absolutely, but that’s usually for a 1 oz bottle of foundation… this is 1/4 the amount of product, which is why it felt kind of on the high side for me.

  4. Tender Harmony says:


  5. Melanie Fabre says:

    Wow girl! … that zoom in ! … the foundation looked amazing on your gorgeous flawless tanned skin! 😍

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