MY FITNESS SHOOT | Hair and Makeup | Behind The Scenes

I hope y’all enjoy my behind the scenes footage from my fitness shoot. Love y’all! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE
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  1. LifewithYami says:

    What camera do you guys use? loved the make up can’t wait to see the pics!

  2. Jamie Ingram says:

    Bad and bougiee!! Gorgeous, I love your hair short <3

  3. The Daniels Family says:

    U should get side swipt bangs to cover ur forhead

  4. Tammie Medina says:

    you look beautiful with your makeup on but I think you look beautiful with or without makeup I just admire you as a strong woman, a wife and mother. God bless you in everything that you do.

  5. Jackie Goodall says:

    Looking good.

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