MY MAY FAVORITES For Mature Women 2018- Skincare- HairTools -Makeup!

MY MAY FAVORITES For Mature Women 2018 – Makeup-Skincare & Hair Tools – TimeStamps – 2:13 Begins Reviews – Hair Flat-Iron- 13:24 – (Price of Flat-Iron is $199.00 so with my discount you get $80 off not 80% off….I am sorry for the confusion.) I really loved a new serum called Glow Maker….all that hype is the truth. I also loved new makeup I found and a dupe for my beloved Rockateur blush! I loved finding some great body lotions and and nail colors. Then what blew me away was the SLBEAUTY Flat Iron! One of the best hair tools I have used and I had so much fun showing you how I use it. SLBeauty did sponsor that part of the video but I would have done it for no compensation because the flat-iron is truly fantastic. I get so tired of having to curl my hair and use a heat protectant and this was perfect and fast. Rest in Peace Kate Spade …her suicide was on my mind all week. We can make a difference in somebody’s life and there is help out there for depression but sometimes people are afraid to talk about it. Please, reach out. We are our brother’s keeper. My love to you all so much….Desi and I are going on a 10 day vacation but will be back soon! We will keep up updated! Love always, Susan & The Dez
Depression Help Lines & Info –
Flat-Iron Shown – SLBeauty – Flat- Iron

Discount Code : littlepoet80
This makes the price of the Hot Iron around $119.00 – so not 80% off but rather $80 off $199.00 …I am sorry for the confusion.
Their YouTube channel for your reference as well: How To Use a Flat-Iron
✔ I N S T A G R A M –

✔ F A C E B O O K –

✔ E M A I L
~FTC: This video was sponsored by SLBeauty but please note, all opinions are always 100% honest and my own. I also am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program; an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.
* * *Kate Spade Blue Bag (Large Lane Satchel) –
✔1. Serum C MAELOVE – Discount code: “poetfan” for 10% off any orders with free shipping.
– They offer a 100-day
money back guarantee and free returns, which is unheard of for most beauty brands. Sold out of the serum twice already.

✔ 2. LA Colors Palette –

( Only available in Stores – New)

1.Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Argan Oil, 10 Ounce

2, JASON’S Since 1959 – COCONUT BODY LOTION – THICK – Must Rub In ( what a work out!) LOL…Firms and Tones – ( a must have)

✔ 4. BLUSH
Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Box o’ Powder Blush
DUPE: LA COLORS – RAD Rouge – “Awesome” –

✔ SLBeauty – Flat- Iron
$80 Discount Code for your followers: littlepoet50

Their YouTube channel for your reference as well: How To Use a Flat-Iron
✔ – Vase -Cristalleria Toscana – Made in Italy – – I bought this Italian vase at TJ Maxx marked down to $6.00 What a day!
✔ Nail Polish – Leaping Lilac –
✔ If You Wish To Support My Channel, my Patreon Page is Here For You To Become a Sponsor for as little as $1.00 per month. I need to upgrade my computer and software and that is going to be out of my budget, so that is why I started this page. My humble thank you so very much for sticking with me.
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Song # 1 –Love Me Like You Did Last Night form the new album
from the band Loving Caliber
Epidemic Sound Music Site
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  1. eileen corado says:

    Hi Cupcake,
    You just remind me of a sweet treat! It has been a sad 24 hours. It make me feel sad. Life can be so fragile.

    So.. I’m thinking a few little treats for me will do me good. And where are those floral block heels??? I must have, must have!
    Love, love those.
    One thing to share with you and all the girls here. As a long time former.. ex… etc etc cosmetologist I have always been a bit of a chemist stirring up my own convictions. And one fun thing that ended up being a staple for me was to ADD my coconut oils, almond oils, any oils you like to ANY lotion I buy. Even in my hand soap I add a bit of oil. I put it in my shower soap too. Then I know it has more if the goodies.

    Now… why do I feel like doing the polka??? Humm????
    I wonder????
    Ahh yes!!!! It’s the Lawrence Welk music!!! LOVE IT HONEY BUNNY!
    Now, why do I want to buy bubbles??🤔

    Love you my sweet friend

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

      Loved The Lawrence Welk music!

    • LittlePoet says:

      Oh Eileen! Greta idea! Your skin is AMAZING! I just added a little almond oil to my Coconut cream for the body and it worked…like I feel it’s better than any perfume I ever used. I wonder why old age has made me care so much about how I smell and how my elbows look…..? seems so odd…I was so down this week after Kate’s death…I picked that Lawrance Welk music because it was so opposite of what I usually pick….so opposite of what I was feeling and I didn’t want to burden anybody this week…..and no way can that music make you feel anything but absurdity and lovely light laughter…(hopefully) …..
      You’ll remember me when the west wind moves upon the fields of barley
      You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we walk in fields of gold
      xxoo love to you my friend…xxoo sues

  2. rosa cielo says:

    you are so sweet … makes me smile just to watch your videos …. thanks!

  3. KO-Doc48 says:

    You can easily remove that awkward looking mole on your face with apple cider vinegar in a short few treatments! Use a small cotton square soaked in the vinegar and tape it over your mole with a band-aid for a few hours each day and it will scab/shrivel and then fall off! I had one that colorless and just looked like a big pimple for decades that I HATED! This method worked with very little issue or effort! The vinegar does burn a little, but no more than a chemical peel would, without any harmful unnatural chemicals! Maybe you like your mole (who knows?) … I just hated mine and am glad it’s gone! 😊👍🏻

  4. Vicki Stammer says:

    Feel free to pursue your obsession with body lotion, Susan. Just don’t have your drivers haul you around D.C. looking for it, O.K? (wink)

    I make it a habit to save the extra pretty jars from cosmetic products to remix things. The way I see it, just because I upgrade a drugstore product into a nicer personal formula with some add-in’s doesn’t mean it has to look like “GENERIC BRAND LOTION.” There are moments, though, when I make myself laugh: a couple of days ago I was dusting a slightly inaccessible shelf and stumbled upon one of these creations. I tried it out. It’s nice. I’m glad I uncovered it. However, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what all I mixed into that pretty cobalt blue jar. Ah, well.

  5. Sandra Rivera says:

    i did little poet 100… lol wouldn’t take that code.

    • LittlePoet says:

      I think there was a language problem Sandra….they wrote me 80% and they meant $80.00… I hope very much folks read the info box before they order that they get $80 off, not 80%. I want to thank you very much for pointing this out to me so I could make the info right.I rarely do sponsored videos and then only if I love the product…but I really really want to get the info right, so I apologize for my error. Thank you again…whew!

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