MY PERFECT Base Makeup Products || Special Event/Wedding Appropriate

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Today I’m showing you my can’t live without, all time favorite, base makeup products!

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‣▸▹ ITEMS: (Some links are affiliate links)

– Patchology Cloud Foam
(I received this product complimentary from Patchology)

– Lancome Rose Gentle Face Scrub
(I received this product complimentary from Lancôme)

– Guerlain L’Or

– Givenchy Mattifying

– YSL Radiance Awakening BD40

– Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion 3W
– Bobbi Brown Light Peach

– Laura Mercier Translucent + Glow

– Givenchy 03
(I received this product complimentary from Givenchy)

– Laura Mercier 1

– GlamGlow Glow Palette

Setting Spray
– Urban Decay DeSlick


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  1. isra3331 says:

    Eliana, this video was AMAZING!!! Gosh, your skin looks flawless!! I’m totally still on the pursuit to finding products that work for me but this definitely helped. If only it wasn’t so damaging on the wallet lol. How are you doing?

    • isra3331 says:

      Im good, thank you!!! Just been super busy with my last semester in uni and my sisters wedding!! I’ve really missed talking to you! What’s going on with you?

      I already have the regular LM powder but are you referring to the new one? Hmm.. I definitely need to look into the primer. Hopefully they have it in Canada <3

    • Eliana Jalali says:

      Ommmgggg no WAY!!! Hiii!!!! How are YOU!? I haven’t heard from you in so long! Wow this comment really made my morning! 🤗

      I know!! These products are definitely on the higher end side, but you know me. I’ve tried everything over the years from drugstore, mid tier, to high end… these products really do make such a huge difference for my skin. Honestly if I had to pick 2 I’d say do the L’Or primer, sample the foundation (because everyone’s skin is different) and the LM powder is a must!


    • isra3331 says:

      ps. you’re almost at 30k!! Yayyyy gosh you’ve come so far <3

  2. Kayla Talassazan says:

    Gorgeous like usual can you do a video testing out the Clinique dramatically different jelly moisturizer

  3. Laila Bayat says:

    I had adult acne for about a year (last year) and I couldn’t for the life of me find out what was causing it. I went to derm, took antibiotics, used every cream under the sun. THEN I finally dug into my diet (I have a fairly healthy diet). I removed my “constants” in my diet…so things I would eat almost everyday. Long story short-after lots of trial and error..I found out avocado and my morning breakfast bars BOTH caused really bad cystic acne for me. Just thought I would share because I’ve watched you grow on YouTube and I think this is the worst I’ve ever seen your skin and I think removing constants in your diet MIGHT help. Love your videos! Good luck ❤️

    • thelifeoflanny says:

      you’re welcome! I justified it by figuring I’m spending money now for *hopefully* a lifetime of clear skin haha. Also, I also wanted a more natural approach to helping my skin rather than taking antibiotics that are negatively affecting my liver. But, try taking probiotics if you haven’t already! My gastro recommended them for helping with stomach pain

    • Eliana Jalali says:

      Omg thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been skeptical, but it sounds like you really went down a similar path and found results. It’s crazy expensive though! 😫

    • thelifeoflanny says:

      I have a similar story to Laila’s (as far as derm, antibiotics, birth control, elimination dieting etc.) for curing my adult hormonal acne and having severe abdominal pain and constantly being bloated. I only just recently visited a Traditional Chinese Medicine dermatologist in NYC who prescribed me herbs that I’ve been taking for the past month or so. she didn’t take any type of insurance so it’s been pricey but COMPLETELY worth it! I can vouch for TCM being one of the most thorough and deep (as in getting to the bottom of every health issue) consults ever, even over typical doctors. I really recommend it for you, especially since you’ve been dealing with stomach issues.

    • Laila Bayat says:

      Eliana Jalali and please don’t feel self conscious. I know it’s easier said than done but you have so much more going for yourself than skin. You have an amazing personality, amazing content, a bomb figure and beautiful features. This is fixable. ❤️ We all will continue to support you, acne or no acne 🙂

    • Eliana Jalali says:

      Thank you 😩😭

  4. MissAmyxo says:

    I’ve been wanting to try that Deslick spray! That is super amazing 💜

  5. Khadii Jaa says:

    Mashallah sis you are beautiful ♥️

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