New Affordable Base Makeup Wear Test! – Color Corrector, Setting Spray, Foundation Sponge

Testing out new affordable base makeup + wear test! Wet Wild color correcting cushion, Maybelline Master Fix setting spray, Precision Beauty foundation sponge! All affordable base makeup products being tested out as well as check ins to see how they wear throughout the day. See if these drugstore products work on dry, red, acne prone skin! See how I achieve a base for a no makeup makeup look and discover how everything sets on the skin over time. Enjoy!

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  1. Velvet Celieste says:

    A very good first impression video

  2. Velvet Celieste says:

    I had redness alot too. I started using Rose hip seed oil and my redness is gone.

  3. TubToojXob Tsab Channel says:

    Your subscribe back me please my friend

  4. Anja Ge says:

    Cool and informative video. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Silvia Deegon says:

    your skin is so lovely!! don’t need anything xo

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