New! Beauty Bakerie Foundation Launch | Is it a HIT or MISS? | Makeup Tutorial



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Beauty Bakerie Highlighter Palette
Beauty Bakerie Do it for the Graham
Suva Beauty Palette Cupcake & Monster
Melkior Single Shadow Deep Space
Wet & Wild Liner Nior
Ambrosia Prism Glitter Stack Gold Goddess & Pink
Everybody Hates Jess Pink Glitter $2
Inglot Gel Liner #70

Beauty Bakerie #71 Foundation , Concealer, Baking Flour | Yellow.
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish | Deep Dark
Covergirl Bronzer | Ebony
Black Radiance contour | Black Coffee
Beauty Bakerie Highlighter | Glazed
MAC Blush | Razin

Mac Lip Liner
Beauty Bakerie | Versatile Lip Whip

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  1. Briana Marie says:

    Hey My Baby Dolls <3 I Miss Y'all So Much !
    I Have A lot of stuff coming Up & The Month Of May Ill Be Vlogging , lol Hopefully I can Get a Video In Lol =) Love Yalll! LETS GET THIS VIDEO TO 50K! WE CAN DO IT !


    • T kay says:

      Briana Marie idk what’s going I noticed YT turned off my Notifications from other channels I’m subscribed to but not yours though.

    • Carolyn Dye says:

      Briana Marie Bri your videos always give me life that eye color though. Get it for the summer.

    • MakeMeUp Davi says:

      Briana Marie how can I get one of those cartoons made 😩😩

    • Mama Magic says:

      Briana Marie My babbbbbbyyyyy Love 💕 you😍😘😘😘


      Mac 208 brow brush
      Mac 212 flat definer
      Zoeva 142 buffer brush
      Morphe 441
      Morphe M504
      BH Cosmetics 12 brush
      Morphe 573
      Morphe R37
      Morphe M513
      Sigma E36
      Flower concealer brush
      Morphe E47
      Morphe Y9
      Morphe Y10
      Morphe E51
      Morphe Y14
      Morphe R2
      Morphe 438
      Morphe 432
      Morphe E38
      Morphe E36
      Morphe M213
      MAC 286
      Mac 233/283
      Mac 221
      Mac 224
      Inglot 22t

  2. Tanya Petersen says:

    Welcome home, Briana Marie. You look beautiful in your makeup and electric blue top. How radiant. Tell Larry that he looked really handsome in the leather jacket in sneakers. I am so glad that you came to the big borough of Manhattan where I am from. Love you much.

  3. Gabrielle McFadden says:

    Babbbbbbbbby 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Divi9ely Tay says:

    As always I love this look!!!! 💕💕 do you like the brush you used to cut your crease better than the flower brush you used to use??? I got Flower and love it but hey if it’s something better I’m willing to get it. Lol!!!!! Loveeee your work!!!!

  5. Glamourby Mjay says:

    You have the oil on so it’s lifting the foundation. Moisturizer lifts foundation and moves it around you probably should have set it babe.💕💕

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