*NEW Blur Liquid Matte Foundation by Milk Makeup Demo + Review

Hey everyone i was sent two shades of the new Blur Liquid Matte Foundation by Milk Makeup as well as the Dab+Blend applicator by Influenster for free for testing and reviewing purposes. I want to go ahead and apoligize that this video may require to be viewed while lying down or may require you to tilt your head as you watch. I do not know why the video came out this way and to be honest i did not feel like re-recording this video for the 3rd time already. The Blur Liquid Matte Foundation by Milk Makeup comes in 16 shades and i got the lightest two shades which are Fair and Ivory. This foundation claims to be full coverage, weightless, pore blurring, and eliminate shine. it is silicone free, cruelty free, oil free, mess free, and vegan. all of these claims were what entrigued me the most to see how it worked its magic, but after only 5hrs of wear my face had dry patches near my lip and the side of my nose, and there was a crease from my laugh lines. Now, i am really trying to love this product and keep giving it a shot so if you have any reccommendations of what products to apply before or after this foundation to make me feel blown away by it then please leave a comment down below. As always my opinions are 100% my own even though i got these 3 items complimentary. if you are interested in getting free items such as these here is a link so you can sign up for influenster — www.influenster.com/r/2036767

Thank you guys so much for watching and i can’t wait to hear your feedback about this new hyped up foundation by milk makeup!

XoXo TashaReyna

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  1. Innocent Saucedo says:

    Im cracking up cus el espejo ke usaste yo lo uso pero nose dnde lo deje so uso el aoa one lmao😂 i wanna try it even if its not my tone just to see my poores 😂 crazy they were so noticble

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