NEW Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation Review


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  1. Caroline Mystee says:

    If you have watched my Fast Base Foundation Stick Review, you would have noticed I used the shade F2… it was the wrong shade as it was far too light!! I see the confusion and I apologise if you went from one video to the other lol I’M SHADE F6!! 😆

  2. LNG says:

    Can I ask you, which MAC shade you are? I’m so unsure whether to take F5 or F6.

  3. Angela Sasaki says:

    Thanks for your honest review! Your skin is beautiful! Can’t wait to see more from you! I subbed! I hope we can support each other! 🤗❤️😘😍

  4. Eshaal Aizah says:

    Your cluttery room is distracting but nice review overall

  5. Tammie Afrin says:

    What shade u r in mur Fast base stick foundation?is it yellow undertone?

    • Tammie Afrin says:

      +Caroline Mysteedoes the fast base f6 and conceal and define f6 similar ?????as i m also f6 in fast base i m yellow undertone bt the conceal and define f6 look neutral on screen is it actually nutral or yellow like fast base???

    • Caroline Mystee says:

      I’m F6 in the fast base foundation stick! I did a review on it and used F2 but that is toooo light for me so my ACTUAL shade is F6!!

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