Hey you guys! I hope you enjoy watching my No Foundation Makeup Routine! This is my favorite, quick, go to makeup routine!
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Camera Used: Samsung NX 300
Editing Software: iMovie
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  1. Life as Aisha says:

    I love this no makeup look! It’s similar to my routine when I’m going to work or when I don’t feel like putting on foundation lol. It turned out really good! I need to reup on my nyx spray..I love the matte and dewy one

    • BeeingAmbitious says:

      Life as Aisha thanks so much girl!! I Looove nyx finishing spray too! It’s perfect. I gotta try their dewy one,

  2. Aquilla Sanders says:

    I love the simplicity! 😍😍😍 I need to invest in a setting spray.

    • Aquilla Sanders says:

      BeeingAmbitious definitely going to purchase. Thanks for the information ✨

    • BeeingAmbitious says:

      Aquilla Sanders thank you so much!! 😘😘 Yes, setting spray is so helpful. The one i used in the video is only $6 by NYX. I used the matte version, but if you want a more dewy look, they also have that too.

  3. iAmRoyalTay says:

    💜💜💜💜✨✨✨✨LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!✨✨✨💜💜💜💜💜

  4. AudreJohn says:

    Probably my new summer routine because I MELT in the summer <3

    • BeeingAmbitious says:

      AudreJohn yeeess!! Be sure to snap me a pic of your outcome when you do! Thanks again.😘💕✨

  5. Marietta Glass says:

    Yesss Bee! I was watching an old video last night to get some inspiration for today. I’m new to the makeup, so I’m always nervous about the foundation being too light or too dark. I’m sooo glad you posted this today! And as always, You Look Boom 💥I’m so excited and I’ll be sending you some pics later. I can’t wait🤗 So proud of you Bee. Such an inspiration ❤️✨

    • Marietta Glass says:

      BeeingAmbitious oh okay! Yes, Thank you! I’ll do that this weekend.

    • BeeingAmbitious says:

      Marietta Glass thank you girl!! So much! Listen, i been doing my makeup since 2015 & i STILL struggle with trying to find the right shade, we all do. Then depending on the season our skin tone changes, so you’ll get the hang of what you like. Also go to sephora and get your correct shade. They do it for free. And if you don’t wanna purchase their foundations (cause it sells all high end foundations ) get a sample a few samples from their and use. Once you are done using the samples, remember the names of the foundation samples and put in into the website “findation” and it will give you your correct shade for a variety of low end foundations you can pick up at Walmart or cvs.

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