No Foundation Makuep For Lazy Girls│Using 5 Products│Easy Party Makeup with Minimal Products

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💠 Hello Everyone!💠

⚫ Some of my dear glamorose sisters asked for a makeup tutorial on a look I had in one of my recent videos. So here it is! An easy makeup tutorial for all the lazy girls out there, including me, I’m first in the line!

⚫ We lazy girls love to keep it real when it comes to makeup, less is more and less is better. This easy, no-foundation, party makeup can be done by anyone, whether you’re a lazy girl or not, and looks more realistic than a caked up face of makeup with streaky lines of countour and highlight everywhere. This lazy girl’s lazy makeup routine is done using only 5 products. That makes it an easy to do makeup routine that can even be done at office or outside home or while travel. Though very simple, this lazy girls makeup look can tranform a Plain jane face to a glam one within minutes.

⚫Products used –

🍀 UV safe SPF50 lotion
🍀 Tatha BB cream
🍀 Lotus Herbals Ecostay Compact
🍀BH cosmetics Pride and Prejudice Pallete
🍀Nykaa Paintstix in Tender Rose and Peaches and Cream

⚫ Hope you like this makeup look and if you do then you know what to do!

⚫ All opinions are welcome (without any nonsense of course!) So instead of hitting dislike button, feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section.

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  1. Shweta VJ says:

    beautiful girl <3

  2. Atika Nada says:

    Assalamualaikum….v. nice tutorial in other words a simple one.Plz suggest me vegan matt lipstick just like the maybelline lip polish range plum colour which ankita of corallista used in her plum makeup tutorial.plz do reply atleast with just a vegan option or plz let me know if it is a vegan liquid lipstick…..waiting for ur reply.

  3. Khan Sana Shahid says:

    how to use fingers to apply eyeshadow was really nice to learn

  4. Elina Dawoodani says:

    Very innovative!

  5. Dr.Gaargi Tyagi says:

    wen it comes to makeup…no one is as lazy as me…so wen i read the title i was excited to see it🙌awesome video😘👍

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