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Welcome back to my channel! HI NEW SUBBIES!!!

So today I bring a review on the NYX TOTAL COVERAGE DROP FOUNDATION and I do hope you all enjoy. 😊😊😊

Thank you all for sticking around and watching these videos. See you laterrr!

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  1. Susan McKay says:

    I heard bh studio pressed powder us nice because it’s matte. …but how did that foundation hold up with this heat ?

    • Susan McKay says:

      Makeup_bySharz thanks much for that info about that foundation lol I’m it about that life….I will get the large powder brush and the pressed powder

    • Makeup_bySharz says:

      Susan McKay the BH pressed powder is bomb. Really nice. I use to use it and yes its really matte. As for this foundation, it did not hold well with the heat and i did my usual prime routine. Matte primer and everything.

  2. Liquid Sunshine says:

    Glad u stepped out of ur comfort zone with the shadows (it looks beautiful on u) the concealer is the bomb but the foundation is yucky (my opinion)…. good review

    • Makeup_bySharz says:

      Liquid Sunshine thanks honey. Yeah i like the concealor a lot. I might give this foundation a THIRD try but we’ll see.

  3. Themakeupolic says:

    Looks like I would love this cus am sooo yellow haha most foundation are too red for me. Great review doll.

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