Quick & Easy Sweat Proof Makeup Routine | BeBeautiful

Have you ever wondered how to sweat proof your makeup so it does not melt away the moment you step out? Watch the video for some easy hacks that will ensure you sweat proof your makeup. Make sure your skin never again looks oily due to sweat by using these tips and tricks to sweat proof your makeup. Log on to BeBeautiful.in for more on all things beauty!

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  1. sonniyaa rane says:

    My skin very dry, sensitive and sweaty.ice sardi yo Mai nhi suit hota Kya kare??

  2. Avantika Ghailot says:

    Not gud phlr se make up Kiya hua h

  3. Dipti rani singh says:

    Best makeup powder for black skin reply …. 1 st view

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