Quick easy Younique makeup with tips for oily skin!!

Hello!! Emily here, Green Status Presenter with Younique! Today I have for you…Quick easy Younique makeup with tips for oily skin!! My face tends to get oily throughout the day so here are some of my best tips! Follow me on Facebook for more makeup tips and tricks and of course, the best deals! www.facebook.com/KraveLashes Thanks for watching!

Products used (affiliate links):

Glorious Primer:

Touch Liquid Foundation: (I used organza)

Powder/Concealer Brush: (I use this for the liquid foundation. It has a small end for concealer too!)

Brow Palette: (I use medium)

Brow Brush:

Eyeshadow: (I used: Crafty, Optimistic, and Antsy. You can get these in singles or 4 at a time)

Eyeshadow brush:

Blending brush:

Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette:

Pressed Powder Compact: (awesome for any skin type! I use Chiffon.)

Powder Puff Brush: (This set is a steal at less than 11 bucks today!)

Lip liner pencil: (I used Plush)

Lip Balm: (I used Red Velvet Cake- get yours free with the February 2018 Customer Kudos bundle!)

Kudos Bundle with free lip balm:


Setting Powder:

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