Recreating My Wedding Makeup || ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ||

8-11-18 was the day I got married and I wanted to recreate my wedding day makeup a year later.

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A Novel Idea – Our Book Club:

★Snapchat: burdess

★Camera: Canon T6i
★ 50mm lens
★ Microphone: RODE Videomic GO
★Editing Software: iMovie

◇ Catrice Prime and Fine
◇ Physician’s Formula Healthy Foundation
◇ Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer
◇ Smashbox Pearl highlight

◇ Persona Identity palette
◇ Benefit Kabrow: # 3

◇ Maybelline Superstay Lip: Lover
◇ Jouer lip topper: Skinny Dip

◇ Plugs 5/8ths off of Amazon


★Sigma Brushes:
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  1. Heather Waggoner says:

    The only thing that changed after my husband and I got married was jokes my husband would make. Now he jokes all the time “You signed a contract” or “it’s in the contract you signed.” Always a loving joke about anything he wants to do but I’m not excited about.

  2. Amberger Helper says:

    You’re so beautiful without makeup! My rosacea face is jealous. Happy anniversary! ☺️

    • Christina Chang says:

      Aw, thank you! My skin has been really clear lately and I’m just counting down the moments until it decides to betray me.

  3. Adriana Ruelas says:

    ”At the end of the day, it’s just a day.” I love that! All of the allegedly super important days of my life have just been normal days; the main thing I remember about my high school graduation was that it was ridiculously hot and my feet hurt so badly from the heels I was wearing.

    • Christina Chang says:

      Exactly, like these days are important but I don’t think they should have so much pressure on them. I barely remember my high school graduation I just remember wanting to get off that stage so fast cause I did not like having that much attention on me. I didn’t even walk at my college graduation and I don’t regret not going to it. I picked up my diploma before hand and bounced.

  4. Jungim Kim says:

    Congratulations on your first anniversary! Awww, hope you would be together soon to share better moments in life ahead.

  5. Gee & Alex says:

    this is such a great video idea! x

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