A lot of you know Sir John as Beyonce’s makeup artist. He has created some of her most iconic looks and I’m so excited he was able to do my makeup. Filming with Sir John was so much fun, I think its pretty much 45 min of laughing lol. In this makeup tutorial, you will see the new Sir John x Luminess The Lion King Collection and we will talk about his experience as a celebrity makeup artist and he talks about his favorite Beyonce moments.

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The Lion King Collection (Available June 15th):

Kingdom Sculpting Palette: $42
Can’t Wait To Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette $42
Circle of Life Highlighter $40
Legacy Tinted Lip Balm $24
Pounce Matte Lipstick $24
Lion’s Mane Matte Lipstick $24
Romantic Atmosphere Liquid Lipstick $24
Trouble Liquid Lipstick $24

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  1. Makeupshayla says:

    Who else was laughing the entire video? It was so fun filming with Sir John. Hopefully we can get him back on my channel🙌🏾

    • Darren and Sherla says:

      Makeupshayla you killed me at the end when you said, “Some people’s hairlines are for real burnt” 😂😂💀

    • Klaudia Marysol says:

      Makeupshayla I was!!! 👏🙌😂 I loved it all!!! —definitely MORE videos with him!!! ♥️♥️

    • Adriana Martinez says:

      Yes! Get him back on your channel 🙌🙌🙌

    • NaiLysse Stratton says:

      Ohhh Please Do!! Ik he’s busy. He literally was so much fun to watch such an icon man for real!!

    • munira rawahi says:

      Yes please do get him back he has so much of great tricks and tips Shayla your amazing too for toffee complexion makeup

  2. shawnta brown says:

    He seems so sweet and down to earth, I really love his energy! You guys mesh well together!

  3. Cheryl Grace says:

    Yes! Come back. So did he say no “highlight” on upper apple but instead a matte light peach blush? Also, looks like he didn’t do highlight down middle of your nose, and contour on side of nose started at crease, not eyebrow? Geez, I have so many questions but you look bomb! I saved video and will watch again to understand since he wasn’t talking specifically about do’s and don’ts and why. 😘😘😘🤗

  4. Daphne Dadzie says:

    Bring him back on your channel. Good vibes!

  5. Blanca Brea says:

    Yasss have him come back!!! Loved this💕💄💁🏽‍♀️🥰

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