SKINCARE, MAKEUP & HAIRCARE Mini REVIEWS/EMPTIES – IT Cosmetics, Colorescience, Biologique Recherche

Links to all found here (only difference, lipgloss is Petal Pink)

1. Hydromasks 10% off and free shipping on orders over $50 with code: GRACEFULBEAUTY10 (this is not an affiliate code, just a discount)
2. Beautygenix Mask
3. Hydropeptide Eye (my fave)
4. Peel Pads –
5. Cerave
6. IS Clinical Cleanser (I often get 20% -30%off here)
7. SK-II or
8. Bum Bum Cream
9. Shower Gel
10. Glycolic Shower Gel
11. Leave In Conditioner
12. Soy Hairspray (i like this one, not the one I mentioned)
13. Eprouvage Spray
14. Thinning Hair Shampoo
15. Silver Gel
16. Cover Your Gray
17. Gray Away Spray (dark brown/black)
18. Root Concealer (darkbrown/black)
19. Bioderma
20. Mojito Lip Balm – (my fave)
21. Essential Oils
22. Oil Mister
23. Vit C Serums and my fave
24. PC Antioxidant Serum or
25. Biologique Recherche lotion p50
26. Cleansing Oil or
27. Brush-On SPF 50 (i usually get 20% off here)
28. IT CC Eye

***When I discussed oil cleansing, I said “wet your hands”. I was referring to AFTER you applied it to your DRY SKIN WITH DRY HANDS, massaged it in and THEN you wet your hands and face and it emulsifies. I added this note because I didn’t want anyone to think you should oil cleanse with wet hands…ALWAYS DRY, then use water. ***

She is strong and graceful, as well as cheerful about the future. Her words are sensible, and advice is thoughtful. (Prov. 31: 25-26 CEV)

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  1. Ranalynn Naipo says:

    Good morning gorgeous. Thank you for sharing more great items for us. Thank you πŸ™πŸΌ. Aloha 🌺

  2. CrystalReia says:

    I have been going through a slew of hormonal problems. Would love for you to a do a video about your experience and anything that’s helped you.

  3. Angela Sasaki says:

    Those neutrogena face wipes are the best! Loving your Channel girly! I subbed! I hope we can support each other! πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ˜

  4. LashGo says:

    Are you single

  5. ana torres says:

    Empties videos are my favorite! I’m soo waiting on your review on P50 I already placed an order with rescue spa I order P50 1970 and there cotton rounds on your recommendation!!! Have you tried there Placenta Cream?

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