Skincare & makeup routine for busy moms | MARLA NYAMDORJ

Being a mom is hard work! As we juggle our busy schedule, sometimes (or most times) it’s hard to find the time for our makeup and skincare. I don’t know about you, but on the days I do a quick routine of self care I feel so much more energized and happy. Today I wanted to share with you a quick and easy morning beauty routine that works for me. I hope you ladies find it helpful!
– Marla



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Beauty ▷ Marla Nyamdorj
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  1. Tik Tok videos america and mongolian says:

    Ta makeup bichlegtee mongoloor yrij boldoggui yum uu angli ug oilgohgui bga yum aa bodoltsoj uzeerei gj guij bn

  2. Tsolmon Nyamdorj says:

    oh my god quality content like wuuuuut laaavvvit

  3. Oyu Mina says:

    Америк youtuber.үүдийн яриаг сайн ойлгохгүй хэрнээ Марлааг ярихаар л ойлгоод байдаг нь юуны учир вээ? Ххэ😉👍😍

  4. Eegii Ganaa says:

    Finally someone i can watch and learn.The beauty industry is full of nasty dramas soooo.. really needed this.Keep up the good work.And also thanks to Temuujin for setting up this georgous set up amd background😍😍Hope to see your family soon on your channel.Btw love you lots😙😗

  5. mungunuu erdenetugs says:

    Background ongo unheer goe bn

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