Skincare Regrets | skincare for mature women | skincare routine habits

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I share my 6 skin care regrets with you. I wish I had developed these habits early on. It is never too late to incorporate them into your skin care routine.

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  1. Down South With Danny says:

    This is so gorgeous when watched on TV. You have a green thumb like no other Lily!! 😍😍

  2. Evelina says:

    Good advice, need to write this down

  3. Cha Style says:

    I liked this video! im just now drinking more water as of a month ago. you can actually tell the difference!

  4. Arien Glitz says:

    Hey gorgeous i always use gloves for cleaning your garden is so fabulous thanks for these tips these are so helpful i will use them graciously xoxo muah

  5. Gonz Girl Deni says:

    You have a beautiful and great tips to go with it.

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