Skincare Routine 2017! DRY/COMBO SKIN

SKINCARE ROUTINE for 2017!! This was so requested! I have combination dry skin, and suffer from congestion easily but these products help me keep it at bay. I love the pink pore reform products from Murad at the moment, along with the masks and extras shown in this vid!

Microdermabrasion vlog –

Cleansing foam –
Day time moisturiser –
Face scrub –
Day time eye cream –
Night time eye cream –
Night-time moisturiser – –
Face wipes –
Face mask –
Lash serum –
Spot treatment –
Sunscreen –
Lip Oil –

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  1. Sharlee Coulton says:

    I love skincare videos.
    Using a Toner, it isn’t 100% necessary, it depends what you’re using, as Toner only does one job, and that is, Resetting your PH levels back to normal, so then your treatments, moisturisers and serums ect will work so much better.
    Some cleansers/exfoliates can disturb your Ph levels, and that can cause skin issues.
    Some skincare will have written on it that it doesn’t disrupt your levels.
    So yeah, that’s what Toner is for lol.

  2. CELBeauty says:

    Love you Sally! Great skincare video, really loved to see your insight 🙂

  3. Cat Meowb says:

    I remember when I first used to watch you I was drawn to you because you admitted and showed your skin problems and you catered for people like me with thin lips and not masses of space for eyeshadow etc. I really related to you. And it’s amazing to see your skin get better and your confidence and makeup skills grow. You honestly seem so much happier and more confident now and it’s lovely to see 🙂

    My skin also used to be quite bad but has been getting a lot better recently. I used to get those bumps all over my face, and they’ve faded since I’ve stopped drinking milk and eating loads of cheese (I still have the odd bit of cheese grated on pasta but don’t eat whole blocks with crackers like I used to lol).

    It’s amazing how good radiant skin can make you feel on top of the world! Obviously the odd spot is normal, but just to be healthy feels nice 🙂

  4. Bianca Nguyen says:


    • Mickey Duck 29 says:

      Bianca Nguyen it doesn’t cost extra to run in NZ,we don’t get charged extra but yep it’s bad to waste

  5. TheAuTBrider says:

    Meanwhile every Australian
    “Omg you’re wasting water!” 😂😂

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