Soft Metallic Eyes and Bold Metallic Blue Lips Makeup Look

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  1. tanya collins says:

    Go raindrop I like it. I want to ask you do you have a septum ring push up your nose?

  2. XXnubianbeautyXX says:

    The hair really does look like your real hair and it looks good!! I’ve been curious to try those python lip colors, but I want sure how they would wear.

    • rainndropxs says:

      Thank you! The lipstick is very creamy like. Feels good on the lips. The metallic part went on with ease as well. Had it on for like 6 hrs, wore really nice and it was easy to remove. The hair I want to find in 14 in but the store I went to only had 10 in. Thanks for watching πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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