WHATS uP GEMS, since this video is up today does it mean I still owe you a video tomorrow? Let me know. We are taking a look at the FENTY BEAUTY Instant Retouch Products. In this video we have The new added foundation 495, the Last 4 concealers, and the last two setting powders. We just dove right in…so let me know your thoughts and remember to subscribe and share.

The Line-UP

Foundations – Fenty 495
Concealer – Fenty 498, 495, 490 & 480
Powder – Nutmeg and Coffee
TooFaced Hangover Primer
KoyVoca Contour Stick Onyx
KoyVoca Deep Setting Powder
Juvia’s Place Saharan Blush Palette Vol.1
(As blush and highlighter)
Colourpop Pitch Liner
TooFaced lippie

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  1. Rosa Williams says:

    You look gorgeous girl. Tell your friend that she looked gorgeous too. Nyomi

  2. Carlene Samuel says:

    Ughh i love this. You look so effortless 😭😍😍

  3. Mo n says:

    You are so pretty… loving this wig

  4. vispandex says:


  5. nat’s vibes says:

    They need to work on more golden shades when it comes to the deeper end of the spectrum. The concealer that corresponds to your foundation shade is more-so a complementing shade rather than a highlighting shade, which is why they’re so similar in color. I ordered coffee but idk it’s giving me gray so I’ll have to just wait and see. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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