Travel Skincare and Makeup | Makeup and SkinCare I Take With Me When I Travel | Nishitha Vunnam

Hi guys,

In todays video I am showing you guys the things I pack with me when I travel. Let me know in the comments down below what is your must have makeup/beauty product when you travel?

Travel Makeup Case,Chomeiu :

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  1. glamconfident says:

    oh and i love morph spray and u should try more voilet voss – Hashtag and like a boss are my FAVS.

    • Nishitha Vunnam says:

      I tried Violet voss based on your recommendation only 😀
      Formula is so good, will try the palettes you recommended next 🙂

  2. glamconfident says:

    I love the banana eye cream too !

  3. DYLAN AMBLE says:

    keep the fire content up! sub + like 😁

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