Updated Skincare Routine + Natural Makeup look!! || Camila Bes

Hi guys! so today i am sharing with you my updated skincare routine plus i am showing you a very natural and simple makeup look that i like to do when i want to look like i ma wearing no makeup or i dont have enough time to put it on. This video was filmed very chill and talk through so let me know if oyu like those kinds of videos so i could do more!!

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For all the people that read the bottom of the description, my next video is going to be get littly w me/playlist video!! Thank you btw or staying this long!

That’s about it so i will see you guys next time, bye!!

xoxo Camila


  1. Sophia Hegarty says:

    1st of july😂

  2. Sophia Hegarty says:

    Love the videos at the start😂😂

  3. Sana Khan says:

    Omggg loveee ur videos♥ ur so gorgeous♡

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