We Tested The New Tarte Face Tape Foundation On 3 Skin Tones

The Tarte Shape Tape Foundation, an accompanying foundation to the best-selling Shape Tape Concealer, was immediately criticized after its release last year due to its major lack of shade range. This year, they responded by releasing the new Tarte Face Tape Foundation, which comes in 50 shades and five undertones. We tested the new foundation formula on light skin, medium skin, and deep skin, as well as on dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin.

Beauty YouTubers Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley made a video reacting to the original foundation launch in 2018 and its complete disregard for deeper skin tones. INSIDER producers Celia (who has light, dry skin,) Marisa (who has deep, combination skin,) and Nico (who has medium, oily skin) test out the new Tarte Face Tape Foundation with the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. They give us their thoughts on the Face Tape Foundation, do an 8-hour wear test, and tell us what they think about the original Tarte controversy.

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We Tested The New Tarte Face Tape Foundation On 3 Skin Tones


  1. Sharon Shade says:

    So Tarte changes it’s formula and adds many different shades, but you still won’t support them?Sounds like they did what people wanted.

  2. Julie Camille says:

    Wow the lighting in this video is incredible – you can see everything!!

  3. dkcmusic says:

    How much did tarte pay for this advertisement?

    • Carla Fisher says:

      If it was sponsored, tarts did not get its money’s worth! Mixed reviews are the best we can say for this video (worth the price for the most part but definitely not glowing reviews).

    • Nico Reyes says:

      Hey there! This was a non-sponsored video. All of our videos are not sponsored unless stated otherwise.

  4. Liza Jahan says:

    Girl… you don’t need makeup. Makeup needs you.

  5. Ellie Gibson says:

    Love your nails Nico!

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