Wear test & Review| MILK BLUR FOUNDATION

Hey guys!! I was sent this package for free from influenster and milk makeup to try out milk makeup’s brand new foundation. In return of receiving this for free they want my honest opinion about the product. In this video I do a full review and give my feedback about the product!! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!!! xoxo


  1. metrini says:

    Fantastic review!

  2. Adaa Guerrero says:

    Hey I was wondering who won your giveaway💜

    • VanessaNicoleKidney says:

      Hi!! her name is Veronica and she is from Indiana, Thank you for following up. Stay tuned I have another one planned once I hit 1k subscribers! 😀

  3. Angi B says:

    Great review ♥️♥️♥️I just woke up to drink some water and I checked my phone and I saw you posted a new video so I stayed awake to watch it , I know this maybe sound a little weird but I love your videos so much , you are so sweet and you are a honest person and I apreciate this a lot ♥️♥️♥️ I don’t like youtubers that are doing fake reviews and lie a lot just because it’s a high end product or because that brand send some products to them to buy “the first impression/review/swatches etc ” and i don’t like youtubers that are loving some brands and if those brands come out with some products that aren’t that good they don’t say that ,they just lie and say it’s good and I don’t get it , I mean why you say it’s good if is not? I hope you cand understand me because i’m half awake and half as sleep and my english isn’t that great 😂😂 Btw too bad that foundation wasn’t matte because looks so nice on you and that foundation even out your skin so good ♥️

    • Angi B says:

      VanessaNicoleKidney you don’t need to says “thank you for the support ” because you deserve it ♥️♥️

      Dirty Diana this is most important that she learnt doing makeup on her own without a school because not many youtubers learnt to do wakeup on their own and that makes me apreciate her more and more because what she is doing is pure art because makeup is art , you need to be talented to do it and some people are born with this talent and some people are learning this talent with some help from the school so yeah let’s watch her grow together 😘

    • VanessaNicoleKidney says:

      Awe! Thank you for staying up to watch my video, that is really sweet of you! I will always post my honest review on all makeup I try. Its hard to buy a product that doesn’t work out for me, so if someone has similar skin type I would love to help them out. Thank you for the support!!

    • Dirty Diana says:

      Angi B I totally agree with you am excited for her and I wish her the best she deserves it she a natural too she learned to do makeup on her own no school 💞let’s watch her grow together 😘

  4. zoe dubois says:

    So great thank you

  5. Dirty Diana says:

    The foundation looks good on u good match too!!

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