Weekend Vlog | Dream Hair, Josse Turns 30 & Makeup Unboxing

Hello beautyloving unicorns and welcome to a little bonus video this saturday that’s actually a weekendvlog of last weekend. You keep telling me you wanna see more of my everyday so I thought – here we go! Don’t forget to follow Josse!

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  1. Makeup Talk with Alessandra says:

    The US as an overall is TERRIBLE at recycling. Some states are better than others, but it isn’t what Europe is. My husband is German and he is horrified at the amount of waste we produce (plastic bags for shopping everywhere, single use plastics all the time, etc.) and how there is no effort to reduce it nor to recycle it. All of it makes it into the bin mixed together. And even when you do try to recycle, the blue bins (recycling bins) are always mixed with trash, because the average citizen doesn’t care, doesn’t know and the state doesn’t make an effort to enforce, fine and educate the people in order to encourage recycling. Great video by the way. Make more for sure.

  2. Donna Simo says:

    Love that your Boxer still has his tail. I’ve actually never seen that before but I wish they’d just stop cropping the tail all together.

  3. BlingBea Dowdy says:

    Yes to your vlogs.😘

  4. Angela F says:

    More vlogs please 😊

  5. Jeanie Luna says:

    Happy B-Day to her!!!!! 30 it’s not old Jossie 😅😅😅🙈🙈🙈🙈🧡😍😍😍😍😊😊😊

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