Weirdest Foundation Brush Ever? Sonic Blend Makeup Brush

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I test weird products on my channel and I try to post every week. If I dont plz do not judge I still love you all.

This Michael Todd Sonic Blend Foundation brush is all in one makeup brush wich you can use it for liquid and powder only for your base makeup. Its definately an highend foundation brush. I never tried the clarisonic brand foundation brush but I feel like this brush is almost the same like clarisonic foundation brush. I enjoyed this brush but I would suggest using the tarte foundation brush because it does an amazing job blending your foundation and it gives that airbrush finish look.
-Here the link for Tarte Foundation Brush:

If you know any weird products that you want me to try comment below or follow me on social media to tag me if you see any weird products I will definitely make a search and find that product and we all can have fun with it.

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I always loved trying weird products I dont know why i am a weirdo myself. I think its ok to be weird.
Hope you enjoy this video 🙂


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