What Time Should the Bride Complete HER Hair and Makeup Services? | Wedding Prep Series

Welcome to the “Wedding Day Beauty Prep Series with The Capelli Club”.

In this series Cris Mac, the owner and operator of The Capelli Club Special Occasions, has sat down to answers the most FAQ related to Wedding Day and Special Occasion Beauty a.k.a. Hair and Makeup for important events where expensive photos are happening 😉

Looking and feeling your best is important when there is a lot of money on the line and when how you look will be capture in photos that are going to stay with you for a looooong time.

With proper planning and working with professionals who very experienced and have seen a thing or two, is always the way to go.

“But who do I hire?” “How much should I be paying?” “How do you know if someone is truly a professional or just posing as one?” “What time should I get ready?” “What products should I use”. “What do you mean I have to plan the beauty services?” “How long does it take to do the hair and makeup?” “Why can’t I have 12 people beautified in 2 hours?” And the list goes on and on and on…

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