Hello again! So I did a bit of shopping on YesStyle and I decided to get some face masks and other fun skincare! I also went into TKMaxx so see some of the korea makeup ranges too! Let me know what you think 🙂


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Music – Lakey Inspired – Better days


  1. Sandy Altendorfer says:

    The peach hand cream smells sooooooo good  love this cream  😀

  2. Amy Doran says:

    You seem familiar to me. We’re you on a site called RandomActsofAmazon?

  3. viennadoll says:

    your eye make up looks sooo gorgeous 💕

  4. Mahou Melon says:

    I just found you channel today and I have successfully binged a ton of your videos! Your personality is so fun and cute💕 10/10 Would recommend!

  5. Hairy Dino says:

    Although I don’t like to criticize much I’ll admit I didn’t know what kind of products to expect from the thumbnail. Came for pikachu, got face masks..

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